Custom Tissue Array (TMA)

US Biolab provides custom Tissue Arrays(TMA) with detailed clinical information and survival information with follow-up based on your request. You can either select target tissue samples from our Biobank, or send your own samples to us to build Microarrays according to your needs. Tissue sample collection from outside our Biobank is also available. Over 5000 custom TMAs we made have been used by leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide. With our profound experience and professional facilities, we are proud of being provider of your customized TMAs of high quality.


Services we offer

  • Design of custom TMAs
  • Pretreatment of Tissue samples
  • Pathological consultation and marking of tissue samples
  • Creation of custom TMA blocks
  • TMA block sectioning

Available core diameters 0.6mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, and 2.0mm.

We can provide TMAs from a wide range of normal and diseased tissues.

TMA blocks can be cut and prepared as slides.